The Presence of this Child -
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The Presence of this Child

Lyrics by Diana Hancock

Music by Brent Olstad (ASCAP)

A month before my son, Bryce, was born, a friend, Diana Hancock, wrote this poem knowing that Bryce would be born with spina bifida. However, many questions still lingered as Bryce was our first born and we were thrust into this bewildering world of disability without a clue about spina bifida and its many facets.


Diana, however, did not give us the poem until after Bryce was born, because we did not know if Bryce would live or in what condition he would be if he did live. After it seemed Bryce was finding his way out of the woods, Diana gave this gift to us, and it has remained a treasured poem that speaks of God’s design and purpose for one who outwardly seems “troubled,” but inwardly is exactly who God intended.


Indeed, we have shed tears over Bryce’s health, his angst over his physical inabilities, and his scary near-death experiences. Yet, smiles thrive as we’ve seen him grow up to be a loving and encouraging young man, full of talents in music, art, and Native American history. And, the bond of love abounds as Bryce’s circle of friends ever increases through church, community activities, and Joni and Friends.


I am so ever grateful for the presence of this child. Bryce is my joy and inspiration, and he reminds me daily, not through his words, but by his demeanor, to be content and thankful.  1 Corinthians 1:4-5


There's a precious baby waiting,

God's angel from above

Who, yet unborn and troubled

Has touched our hearts with love.


And as one day we cried, and another as we smiled,

We know we've been so blessed by the presence of this child;

And as one day we cried and another as we smiled,

We know we've been so blessed by the presence of this child.

For whatever God has formed is perfect in His sight;

And we know this precious child

Is absolutely right.

And already we have seen a bond of love abound

For this baby and his parents as 

We've become so inter wound. 

© 2018 Brent Olstad Music. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

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