Brent Olstad is the father of Bryce, Abel, & Phoebe.


He is a worship leader, jazz pianist, and a composer/arranger.


As the Area Director of Joni and Friends Southern Oregon, he is passionate about worship for all.


Fun fact: Brent also plays the organ. Like big pipe organs. Really.

Bart Libby resides in South Lake Tahoe with his wife Nancy and son Evan. Bart has been a working musician since his teen years playing in dance bands, orchestras, original recording bands, lounge acts, and traveling Christian music ministries. Previously he served as chief musician for his church, Lake Tahoe Christian Fellowship, for 13 years. When Bart’s family expanded in 1991 with the arrival of Evan, life changed when they learned of his disability. Feeling lost and alone in their Christian life, Bart and his family were blessed to discover the Joni and Friends disability ministry, where they found support and validation for their newly challenged life. Today, in addition to playing worship in his church, continuing to play professionally and serving with Joni and Friends Sacramento, he finds great joy in playing for JAF Family Retreats, JAF Marriage Get Away, and NOW The Dads Band Project, which is a heart-felt expression of how disability has impacted his life and what the Lord has done with it.


Sean Peifer is married to Kristi Peifer, who is a lot prettier than he is. They have two sons, Jeremy Peifer and Andrew, who both inherited awesomeness from their mom. Sean is the pastor of Ferndale Community Church in Northern California. He is also a part of Scandalous Grace, a Christian "internet" group of recording artists. He likes Cheez-Its.

Jim Achilles is the worship leader at Valley Springs Presbyterian Church in Roseville, CA, but you can also find him working as a mild mannered music teacher in the Wheatland School District. He performs regularly in various musical groups and uses up any spare time working as a recording artist under the Psalm 1 Productions label. Oh, and he writes musicals for elementary kids.


He has been married to Deanna for 34 years. Together they were introduced to disability through their daughter Cathryn, now 26, who was born with Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T for short). Jim has extensive experience in ministry and a passion for applying the truths of God's Word to the hearts and lives of believers facing adversity.

Guest Musicians
Jeff Rickel, 
Theresa McCoy
Drums, Percussion
Bruce McKern
Randy Scherer
Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Randy Magallenes
Alto Sax
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