The Colt -
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Ev running in the Special Olympics with Bart at his side encouraging him on the way.

The Colt

Music by Bart Libby

The Colt is a melody that I had been experimenting with in various forms for many years.  I never really had a name for it because it was never complete.  It was just melodic ideas that I would improvise when I played it. 


One night, while playing it in a restaurant, a vision came to my mind.  I saw a lush pasture.  I imagined it must be in Kentucky as I always had heard of the beautiful, pristine grass in Kentucky.  The green of the grass was brilliantly electric.  Surrounding the pasture was a shiny, freshly painted, white rail fence, the kind you would expect to find at a high-end horse ranch. 


Into the pasture steps a newly born white colt who can barely walk.  His legs shake as he struggles to find his balance and stability, unconvinced he will remain standing.  He gingerly takes a step, then, when confident he won’t fall, he takes another.  This goes on for a while until he is no longer shaking, completely confident he’ll not stumble.  He increases his gait.  Soon he tries a slow trot. Then a faster trot until finally he is running, experiencing the freedom of being able to run and jump at will.  He feels free of the constraints of any law of science and demonstrates it by kicking his back hooves into the air.  As I’m watching this scene, I’m asking God, "What is this about?"


Suddenly I am reliving a conversation with my son Evan from many years previously.  I was helping him get dressed for school.  He was 6 or 7 years old and hadn't started walking until four years of age.  Walking was still a challenge for him, falling many times, always getting back up to keep moving.  He was becoming aware that the other kids could run and rarely fell.  But not him.  He turned to me and asked me something he must have been wondering to himself for a while.  He said, “Dad, will my legs work in heaven?”  My heart broke that my beautiful son knew that he was different than the other kids, that he couldn’t do what they did at recess, playing their schoolyard games at breakneck speed, running and jumping, expending all of their pent up energy.  I said, "Yes, everything works in heaven.  You’ll be able to run and jump and move freely, just like the other kids."


The Lord then quietly said, "Evan is the colt."  I now understood the dream and the direction I had sought for the song.  His legs will work in heaven and he’ll be able to run fast forever. And I can’t wait to see it.

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