She Likes to Dance -
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She Likes to Dance

Words and Music by James Achilles (ASCAP)

Cathryn always loved to dance. Before her disease landed her in a wheel chair, she took ballet classes. We would watch her wobble her way through each session as she fought the ataxia that governed her body. She looked so different than every other dancer—a mix of inborn grace coupled with a growing loss of control over her body. Yet she was determined, and we were blessed by her perseverance. She had no concern for what others thought; she just loved to be there dancing.


After she became dependent on her wheel chair, she saw some others with disabilities dancing at camp, and that was all the encouragement she needed. She sought out opportunities to dance even though confined to her chair—at one point at the camp talent show, she had a strong male volunteer hoist her up and set her on his shoulder. She lifted her arms in triumph as we sat in our seats shocked by her recklessness, frightened for her safety, and amazed at her bravery. She didn’t fall, and her routine brought the house down.


In short order, she and I were dancing together, planning out choreography for the camps talent show or jumping into an open dance floor at events and weddings. We have so far avoided injuring others and only once did Cathryn start to fly out of her chair. I was spinning her a little too fast! But it is a cherished activity between the two of us, and has been the source of so many rich father/daughter memories more valuable to me than I can describe.



Words and Music by James Achilles (ASCAP)


It’s a crowded floor—everyone caught in the moment;

She sits alone, quiet and calm,

No sign that she wants something more.

Careful! You might miss it,

A memory waiting to start;

Far better than you’d ever wish it,

If you could see into her heart…


She likes to dance!

You will never believe it if you never get past the first glance;

She likes to dance!

Do you doubt it could ever work out,

But take that chance.

You’ll be surprised to find when you take her out for a whirl

That you’re dancing with a very beautiful girl.


It’s a simple chair, well, except for the wheels and the handles;

Still, people stare or look away,

Awkwardly leaving her there.

She’s not sad how they treat her;

She long ago learned to be still.

But don’t think that her quiet demeanor

Would keep her rom saying, “I will!”


Set her in motion and off she goes!

Just guard your shins and your toes.

Get it right and she will glide across the floor—

A work of art that will touch your heart and move your soul.

© 2018 Psalm 1 Productions. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

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