Peace that Passes Understanding -
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Peace that Passes Understanding

Words and Music by James Achilles (ASCAP)

Life is so different than what I expected—I’ve lost count of the ways. It seems God takes a consistent pleasure in directing our paths to places we would never plan. I’ve stopped saying, “Oh, I could never live there!” for fear that the Lord will move us in that direction.


I know His intention: that I will learn to not rely on myself, but to constantly look to Him for guidance and comfort. And what do I get here and now? In the middle of all the redirections, I get His peace. It’s a promise that comes to me as a response to prayer (Phil 4:6-7).


I find it a daily exercise of faith to tap into that peace. My first response to crisis is worry and frustration, not calm and self-control. I wrote this song to remind myself of what I know I can possess in light of all the other things outside my control. I take God at His Word, thank Him for His peace, and expect Him to minister the comfort of His presence to my heart. And He does.




Words and Music by James Achilles (ASCAP)


What do I get? No guarantees

          That life will be easy and trouble free.

What do I do to get it right

          When things keep getting harder as time goes by.

Can’t believe what’s coming won’t tear my world apart.

Good thing God is guarding the condition of my heart


‘Cause I know this: a precious gift

Is mine for the having;

A guarantee is promised me,

A peace that passes understanding.

A peace that passes understanding.


What do I pray? What do I know?

          That God will be with me and love me so.

What do I say when words won’t come

          And all my careful labors have come undone?

Can’t play “Name and claim” it; can’t bank on being healed,

Only hoping, praying for His kingdom and His will.


What do I fear when darkness falls and

the shadow of death hangs over all?

What do I feel? Is it grief or pain

          When every moment seems to be lived in vain?

Don’t know how to ‘splain it, but glad to say that I’m

          Kissing every shadow of anxiety good-bye...

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