On Gold Street -
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On Gold Street

Words and Music by Bart Libby

On Gold Street is a song of celebration.  It is the soundtrack for a heavenly parade like none have ever seen.  It takes place on streets of gold, with people jumping and dancing, singing and shouting.  The air is filled with rejoicing  and laughter.  


The participants in this parade are those saints who are no longer hindered by disability of any kind.  They have been set free.  No more are they captives of their broken bodies.  Those of us that have loved ones in the parade are filled with awe and wonder as we watch them move and do things we could only imagine ever seeing. 


We dads are standing there with huge smiles on our faces. We locate our kids in this incredible parade and point them out to each other.  We shout with joy as we share the fulfillment of our dreams with each leap, dance step, movement and jump.  Our hearts are bursting with thankfulness to our God for setting our kids free.  It is awesome!!

Here's a photo of Evan Libby and Bryce Olstad with Joni at the Joni and Friends Family Retreat. (Photo courtesy of Joni and Friends. Used by permission.)

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