Love is Silent -
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Love is Silent

Words and Music by Sean Peifer

My son, Andrew, is autistic and nonverbal. One of his ongoing frustrations seems to be his inability to communicate. And I, as his Dad, naturally want to communicate freely with him. In the midst of this frustrating "silence" is the reality of love, which has the ability to overcome the silence and find expression in spite of it. Actions are truly louder than words. Love is evident without words. (1 Cor. 13)

By Sean Peifer [BMI # 550463620]

I  catch a glance
When your eyes meet mine
I feel I know
You break the gaze, leave me behind
You’re so far away
Even though you're right here
I can be where you are
But I cannot draw near


I want to know you
I want to show you
I can’t hear what's in your heart
But somehow I know
Love is silent  -  Love it shows
We don’t have to say a word
And somehow it grows
Love is silent

Don’t know the world outside
Or the danger that surrounds you
Are you aware of life or death
Did you know I’d die for you
Sometimes I regret
Many things you miss
But with the joy you share
Maybe ignorance is bliss

I hear your screaming
Can't catch the meaning
Expressions of something
That sound like nothing.


© 2013 Sean Peifer / © 2015 Scandalous Grace

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